• UV water sterilizers are very powerful at removing all types of bacteria and viruses. However, a lot of microorganisms are more resistant to UV light systems, therefore low-power UV sterilizers can't get rid of these germs. Because of this, we take an effort to give the best effective UV water treatment systems that eradicate any unwanted bacteria.

    Thousands of commercial UV purification systems are actively engineered and manufactured by UltraTec Water Treatment. Our simple engineering procedure is intended to quickly produce UV water sterilizers that are safe and efficient. Products that sustain consistent or sporadic disinfection in the absence of substantial attention or assessment are permitted under this approach. Even though the maintenance required for our company's UV systems is minimal, certain forms of upkeep are still required.

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  • UV for Domestic Filter Systems

    Since the microorganisms are considered dead, there is no longer any chance of illness from them. These UV disinfection systems are intended for use in both residential and commercial settings. UV disinfection is achieved without the addition of any dangerous chemicals to your drinking water, and it has no influence on the pH or distortivity of the water. UV disinfection effectively eliminates 99.99% of most living microorganisms, including viruses and bacteria.

  • UV Commercial Water Filtration Systems

    UV water sterilizers are highly effective against all microbiological concerns, such as viruses and bacteria. Despite this, many micro organisms have greater resistance to UV light systems, which renders low-power UV sterilizers ineffective in eliminating these infectants.

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