• Ultrafiltration is an innovative physical separation procedure that uses pressure to force water through membranes that are porous (partially permeable) and have pore diameters between 0.1 and 0.01 microns. The shape of these membranes is long, hollow fibers. High-purity water that is devoid of biological and physical contaminants is the end product.

    UF Water systems are made for a range of domestic, commercial, and industrial uses that call for top-notch equipment that can be delivered quickly and at an affordable price. The UF plant can be quickly put into service because to its easy utility connections and simple control settings. The control system is a sophisticated, user-friendly microprocessor-based system.

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  • The product list here will be of great interest to anyone looking for a domestic reverse osmosis system in UAE for their residential buildings,offices, homes, and villas. The items on this list will provide you with a long-lasting fix for issues relating to water. If you use the domestic RO systems listed below, you will be able to consume the purest possible water. You won't need to worry even if the water quality in your neighborhood is awful. The water will be germ-free thanks to Ultratec Water Purifiers Team to gives best domestic reverse osmosis water purifiers in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi and all over UAE.

  • Magnetic Alkaline Ultrafiltration Purifier

    100% Natural water Guaranteed, Add Minerals, PH Enhancer, Reduce ORP, Remove Free Radicals, Decrease NMR, Remove Bacteria-Virus, 100% Natural Alkaline Water, Premium Performance & Advance Design Read more .                     

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