• Rust, grit, silt, and other suspended solids can be effectively removed from water down to 5 to 10 microns with the use of a multi-media water filter design. The efficiency improves the industry's capacity to store, clean, and recycle vast volumes of water.

    Older sand filters, which work on the surface effect principle, utilize coagulants and disinfectants to achieve the same goal as older sand filter systems, which depend on bacterial action. The practicality and efficiency of high-rate filtration have been improved by comprehensive filter media.

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  • Multimedia Filtration Systems

    To make your water usable again, fully automated multimedia filtering systems remove coarse residue, particles, suspended solid matter, and materials that distort commercial and industrial applications. During service periods, multimedia filters are removed, and during the backwash section, they are thoroughly cleaned. This function extends the life of your system and makes it more effective. Systems for multimedia filtering allow you to achieve high levels of efficiency and were created at the necessary flow rates.

  • frp-vessel

    FRP pressure vessels are composite tanks. A blow moulded seamless liner of non - permeable thermoplastic is over wounded with miles of epoxy reinforced fibre glass Read more...

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  • 50-gpd-7-stages-ro-system

    The purpose of UltraTec multi-media filters is to remove suspended materials larger than 10 microns. The desired effluent water quality and the feed water analysis are taken into consideration while designing the Read more...

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