• Portable Sea Water Ro System

  • Portable Sea Water RO System

    This Unique Sea Water RO System has no need for electricity and is specially designed for small boats, fishing boats, camping, and ice lands. It converts direct sea water into sweet drinkable water without a feed water tank and does not require any separate storage tank, making the system unique. This system has its own storage tank and smart faucet, providing a cost-effective solution that fits every budget.

    As Dubai expands its tourism industry along its coastlines and islands, providing reliable access to safe drinking water away from centralized infrastructure becomes increasingly important. UltRATEC's portable sea water reverse osmosis (SWRO) system addresses this need.

    Portable SWRO System Overview

    • Housed in a durable corrosion-resistant cart, the SWRO contains all components for standalone operation.
    • Its integrated pretreatment includes 5-micron sediment and carbon block filtration.
    • A high-rejection RO module then separates dissolved salts and minerals from incoming sea water flow.
    • Post-filters polish the purified permeate before storage in an on-board tank.
    • An automatic pump transfers water on demand to an auxiliary tank for distribution. Controls monitor production and cut power automatically during low flow.
    • A spare filter and relief valve kit also accompany each unit.

    Power Options for Remote Locations

    The SWRO runs on standard 120v power but also integrates a generator or solar panel input ports for off-grid self-sufficiency. An optional deep-cycle battery pack provides backup during intermittent power.

    On-site Installation and Commissioning

    UltRATEC technicians deliver, install, and train staff to use each SWRO system. Their decentralized approach avoids lengthy centralized infrastructure projects. On-site commissioning validates production output meets standards.

    Applications in Dubai

    Remote hotels, camps, and marinas find the SWRO ideal for dependable fresh water away from city connections. Its clean output meets drinking standards for resorts and liveaboard cruise vessels offshore.

    Port authorities also use SWRO units to provision patrol boats and island facilities without piping infrastructure. Mobile trailers supply important events and construction sites independent of municipal connections.

    Easy Maintenance

    Quick-connect fittings allow changing cartridges fast without tools. Annual service and inspections validate long-term performance needs. UltRATEC additionally offers remote monitoring and diagnostic options.

    Through durable yet modular construction optimized for remote use, UltRATEC's portable SWRO system enhances Dubai's sustainable water goals by enabling access even in infrastructure-limited coastal and island areas vital to tourism growth. Reliable operation supports continued expansion while preserving fragile environments.

  • Dimension (L)400mm-(W)470mm-(H)760mm
    Weight 36Kgs
    Motor 2HP
    Gasoline 2T Engine Oil (25:1)
    Gear Oil Type 10W/40W
    RO Membrane Housing FRP-2521-1000P
    In/Out Diameter (Feed) 1/2"(Drain) 3/8"(Pure) 3/8"
    Control Oil Regulator
    Pressure gauges Operating Pressure Gauge (1000P)


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