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  • Whole House Water Filter made in Italy

  • European brand whole house filtration system

     Shower and bathe in wellness enhancing purified water. This whole house water filter system is Made in Italy. The system removes or dramatically reduces chlorine, and hundreds of other toxic chemicals known to be in tap water. Your water, throughout your home is transformed into cleaner, Numerous clients have reported immediate improvements in skin, softness of hair and an overall feeling of well being See this Whole House Water Filtration.


    This system can be set up to get the best possible results based on your water chemistry by choosing from a variety of NSF, WQA and QRS approved and rated flirter cartridges.



    • Flow rates up to 600 Gallons Per Minute
    • 145 P.S.I. Operating Pressure
    • Band clamp or swing bolt closure
    • Stocked FSS-430 has 2” MNPT ports
    • Accessible pipe fitting design
    • Choice of pipe fittings
    • 4, 12 and 22 cartridge models
    • Knife-edge cartridge seals
    • Mechanical floor mount brackets
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