Ultra Tec® Water Treatment Equipment LLC, a renowned diversified Water Treatment Company having decades' of excellent Products and Services experience in Water Treatment Industry. We feel immense pleasure in informing you that we have been successfully providing our best quality Products and Services to the distinguished organizations located all over the MENA (Middle East and North Africa). Besides, provision of best quality Products and Services to high profile corporate sector, organizations to UAE Armed Forces, Oil and Gas Industry, Schools, Colleges, and Universities, Manufacturing Industries, Contracting Companies, Food Beverages Processing, Public Kitchens,Hotels and Restaurant Industry.
  • portable-sea-water-ro-system

    The EVO PURE Reverse osmosis Systems with Booster Pumps are traditional in design with Good Quality filter housings and a pressure tank. Complete system includes: Read more...

    Price : 1,750 AED

  • water-softener

    AE Turbocharger is an efficient and cost effective solution for recovering the wasted energy in a R.O. system. With AE Turbocharger up to 80% of wasted energy can be recovered as well as Read more

    Price : 0.00 AED

  • water-ionizer-machine

    This swimming pool chlorination system is a turnkey engender to directly be able to two of the main parameters concerning swimming pool dihydrogen monoxide treatment, in order Read more

    Price : 0.00

  • whole-house-water-sterilizer

    The water chiller is the most economical & maintenance free solution to cool water in the HOT SUMMER MONTHS, when the temperature in overhead tanks reach extremely high. Read more...

    Price : 0.00

  • copper-silver-ionization

    All newly designed models feature state-of-the-art circuitry design using the latest in digital technology. Clearly the most accurate and reliable mineral ionization system Read more...

    Price : 0.00AED

  • water-filter-products

    De-ionization is the removal or reduction of positive ions called cations and negative ions called anions from the water supply. Read more...

    Price : 0.00AED

  • 180000-gpd-industrial-ro-plant

    Water making : 18000 GPD
    Flow rate 72 metre cube at 25 deg C
    Rejection 95-98%
    Recovery 50-60%

    Price : 0.00AED

  • containerize-ro-plant

    Containerized RO Plants - Containerized Sea Water RO Plants:
    As a standard feature our SWRO plants are designed with the most up-to-date and efficient Read more

    Price : 0.00AED

  • water-softener-clack-head-usa

    Hard water can be hard on body and your house hold appliances Take the edge off with CLACK USA home water softening systems. Each is designed to help  Read more...

    Price : 0.00AED

  • stainless-steel-bag-filter

    Flange in/outlet available
    Housing Material: SS304, or SS316 on request.
    Working Temperature: 75°C

    Price : 0.00AED

  • stainless-steel-cluster-filter

    Flange in/outlet available
    Housing Material:SS304, or SS316 on request.
    Entire set of filter cartridges is removed at one time for cleaning Read more...

    Price : 0.00AED

  • industrial-ro-plant

    We have with us rich experience in successfully handling the demands of precision designed and optimally functioning Industrial RO/ Reverse Osmosis . Read more...

    Price : 0.00AED

  • anti-scalent-chemical-for-water-filtration

    All reverse osmosis (RO) feed waters are different in ionic composition. As a result, different types of scale may deposit on the membranes if the correct Read more...

    Price : 350 AED

  • di-softener-media-resin

    An ion-exchange resin or ion-exchange polymer is a resin or polymer that acts as a medium for ion exchange. It is an insoluble matrix normally in the form Read more...

    Price : 0.00AED

  • salt-tablets

    The salt used in the brine tank of a water softener does not directly soften the water, but is used to regenerate the resin beads in your water softener. Read more...

    Price : 0.00AED

  • gravel-media-for-water-filtration

    Filter gravel is used as a support media to filter sand and coal in water filters.
    For maximum efficiency, filter gravel must possess the necessary attributes Read more...

    Price : 0.00AED

  • water-filter-products

    Carbon filtering is a method of filtering that uses a bed of activated carbon to remove contaminants and impurities, using chemical adsorption. Activated carbon works Read more...

    Price : 0.00AED

  • pentair-dosing-pumps

    PENTAIR Dosing Pump ... “H SERIES” Series metering pumps are the ideal solution for low / middle .... This pump is specially designed for constant dosing rates Read more...

    Price : 0.00AED

  • grandfous-high-pressure-pumps-dubai

    We offers a large range of water pressurization pumps, high pressure water pumps for Industrial and commercial RO. Read more...

    Price & Details

  • water-filter-products

    Danfoss Reverse Osmosis Pumps are fixed displacement pumps with constant flow, since flow is proportional to input shaft revolutions and pump Read more...

    Price & Details

  • frp-vessel

    FRP pressure vessels are composite tanks. A blow moulded seamless liner of non - permeable thermoplastic is over wounded with miles of epoxy reinforced fibre glass Read more...

    Price & Details

  • frp-vessel-for-ro-plants

    Fibreglass (FRP) Pressure Vessel Membrane Housings are available in pressure range from 300 PSI to 1200 PSI. 4” and 8” diameters Read more...

    Price & Details

  • water-filter-products

    Clack made in USA automatic Control Valves the world top brand in control valve.
    Automatically/Manually control the backwash Read more... 

    Price & Details

  • water-filter-products

    Multiple Cartridge Housing of different sizes and capacities.
    ● Flange in/outlet available
    ● Housing Material: FRP

    Price & Details

  • water-filter-products

    Cleaning the reverse osmosis membrane, removing impurities and increase the service life of membranes in reverse osmosis systems.Achieve the best results Read more...

    Price : 0.00AED

  • tds-d2-water-quality-monitor

    Another best device for water testing, TDS D2 and water quality monitoring. It is a small and handy water quality monitor.  Read more...

    Price : 650 AED

  • myron-l-ultratmeter-ii

    The high-tech device for testing water quality and TDS. It is a best tool for testing water quality including temperature and calculates Chlorine level. Read more...

    Price : 4,999 AED

  • inline-digital-tds-meter

    Do It Yourself (DIY) device (TDS) to test your water water purifier's filtered water instantly. The inline digital TDS meter comes with a large LCD screen Read more...

    Price : 199 AED

  • water-filter-products

    Your best choice for testing water pH level, TDS and Salt. This pH, mV, TDS, Salt and temperature testing tool is using a smart micro processor to deliver accurate water Read more...

    Price : 950 AED

  • ro-traveling-kit

    Do you work in water industry? Then this mobile water testing demonstration Kit is your best buy. The water test demo kit includes all the necessary tools for water testing

    Price : 2,650 AED

  • $100gpd..$400gpd-ro-systems

    Best RO water purifier with output capacity of 200 GPD, it improves both the taste and quality of water. It reduces the chlorine level up to +99%, as well as objectionable Read more...

    Price : 2950/3850 AED

  • commercial-system

    If you are looking for higher capacity RO water system, then you should get a best quality commercial level automatic RO plant. They deliver higher number of gallons per day output Read more...

    Price : ' AED

  • anti-hair-fall-shower-head

    The Shower filter head is using Biologically Active Mineral Stone to treat and filter the water. The mineral stones such as Selenium Rich Mineral Balls and Calcium Sulfide Ceramic Balls.

    Price : 169 AED

  • anti-hair-fall-shower-filters

    Easy solution for hair loss control. The chlorine and other chemicals in tap water harm hair scalp and skin, use an anti hair fall shower filter to reduce hair fall and Read more...

    Price : 299 AED

  • water-saver

    Wasting water is not only a bad habit, it also cost you money. Water is the most important part of life.Use the water saver and save water, save life. Read more...

    Price : 69 AED

  • stainless-steel-water-filtration-cooler

    Are you looking for stainless steel water dispenser? UtraTec's stainless RO water dispenser is the answer for you. This RO water purifier comes with 3 taps for hot, cold and normal water.

    Price : 3,950 AED

  • 50-gpd-7-stages-ro-system

    Water filters provide better taste and smell free drinking water by removing chlorine and bacterial contaminants. Point-of-use water filters remove lead from drinking Read more...                     

    Price : 1650 AED

  • 5-stage-ro-filtration-system

    Best 5 stages water purifier that is using USA technology. This water filtration unit is best for home use This 5 stages home water filter provides instant fresh Read more...

    Price : 2,450 AED

  • evo-ppure-7-stages-50gpd-ro-system

    If you looking for a 7 Stages Alkaline water purifier then the Evo-pure home water filter system is the best water purifier. It will give you enough fresh alkaline water Read more...   

    Price : 1950

  • 7-stages-ro-purifier

    Ultra Violet (UV) water filtration and purification has been used for over a century to make drinking water safe. It is used in many largest cities of world to purify municipal drink READ MORE...

    Price : 1,850 AED

  • ro-di-system

    No equipment is more effective in helping create ideal water conditions as(RO DI unit. The unit filters out up to 99% of chemical found in tap water by forcing Read more...

    Price : 1,950 AED

  • four-stages-pure-pro-alkaline-filter

    Do you know about drinking alkaline water provides various benefits which may increase your overall health condition? In some of the cases reported that drinking Read more...

    Price : 750 AED

  • 3-stages-jumbo-water-filtration

    We all need clean water not only for drinking but to use it for many other purposes. It is better to clean water as it enters your house, and the whole house water filter Read more...

    Price : 1950 AED

  • lap-zero-ppm

    A Fully Automatic Water Distiller, De-Ionize, De-Mineralizer Machine with micro computerized controlled system and inline #TDS Monitoring System Read more...

    Price : 2,950 AED

  • counter-top-water-purifier-system

    5 Stages RO system cabinet that fit any where in an office or at home. It comes with 8 liters reserving tank. A touch panel which is controlled by micro computer. Read more...

    Price : 2,950 AED

  • alkaline bottled water flask

    The Alkaline water bottle is made out of stainless steel and contains a filter which uses all natural stones to alkalize, purify & energize the water in the bottle. Read more...

    Price : 199 AED

  • water-chiller

    In UAE everyone needs a tank water cooling system, its hard to take shower with hot water. Buy UltraTec water chiller, water cooling system for home,  Read more...

    Price : 0.00 AED

  • ro-purifier-cabinit

    Improve the taste of water, Ideal for residential and food industrial water supply, FDA grade reinforced polypropylene chambers that remove dust, Read more...

    Price : 2,800 AED

  • 5-stages-cabinet-ro-water-purifier

    It removes the hard water contaminants, objectionable tastes and odors to enhance the quality of your drinking water. We are using NSF approved post carbon Read more...

    Price : 1,650 AED

  • procon-pump

    Best quality Procon pumps, these pumps transfer clean liquids at pressures up to 250 psi and flows rate of  up to 11 gallons per minute. Read more...

    Price : 0.00 AED

  • solenoid-valved

    A solenoid valve of best quality is an electronically operated device. It is used to control the flow of liquids or gases in a positive, fully-closed  Read more...

    Price : 0.00 AED

  • industrila-ro-plant

    The high range with maximum output capacity of 1500 - 3000 GPD & 6000 GPD - 12000 GPD Industrial RO plants, Sea water desalination Read more...

    Price : 0.00 AED

  • alkaline-water-dispenser

    If you want to have healthy Alkaline water at your office, then get the Alkaline Water Dispenser. It is a 4 stages alkaline water purifier that will give fresh Read more...

    Price : 1,950 AED

  • digital-pocket-tds-meter

    Very useful to check your water Quality by your self with most reliable brand HM Digital TDS Meter. With built-in digital thermometer Large and easy-to-read LCD Read more...

    Price : 120 AED

  • deionization-water-filtration-system-cartridges

    DI is demineralisation by Ionization. A DI filter removes the few mineral ions that make it through the RO membrane; this makes sure that the water is  Read more...

    Price : 350 AED

  • alkaline cartridge

    Increase the pH of the filtered water typically to between 8.5 and 9.5. Changing the oxidation/ reduction potential of the water (ORP) Read more...

    Price : 180 AED

  • post-inline-mineral-cartridges

    Water passing through several stages is enriched with natural micro elements such as calcium and magnesium. These beneficial minerals and nutrients  Read more...

    Price : 100 AED

  • post-inline-carbon-cartridges

    Post In-line Carbon cartridge can make better filtration effectively and convenient installation. These Inline Post Carbon Filter cartridges can fill coconut shell Read more...

    Price : 100 AED

  • inline-anti-scalent-cartridge

    Anti scalant can be used before membrane to protect and to increase the working life of RO Membrane Read more...                                                                      

    Price : 0.00AED

  • inline-gac-cartridge

    Inline GAC Cartridge can Reduces Chlorine Taste & Odor and Scale Read more...

    Price : 100 AED