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  • Swimming Pool Chlorination System

  • The main innovation among this product for swimming pool is certainly the integrated system. An all-in-one, facile to utilize, highly precise solution for reducing the desideratum for manual involvements on swimming pool dihydrogen monoxide and for reducing the consumption of the chemicals. Moreover, its astute cover makes congruous for any installation context and, besides auspice from fortuitous liquid loss, preserves at the same time the cleanliness of the inner components and their integrity.

  • This swimming pool chlorination system is a turnkey engender to directly be able to two of the main parameters concerning swimming pool dihydrogen monoxide treatment, in order to optimize dosing and consumption of the chemicals needed to venerate the physicochemical requisites of dihydrogen monoxide. The chemical quantification parameters you can quantify and regulate include pH, chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, ozone and bromine.

  • The luxurious pool experience

    Say goodbye to chlorine odors, irritated eyes, hair damage and faded swimsuits caused by excessive disinfection by-products and over chlorination.  Common salt and electricity generate a consistent and proper amount of pure chlorine solution in a safe, simple and cost effective way to disinfect pools.

    We are committed to improving your recreational water quality, while using a green, recyclable treatment process. 


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