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  • Lanxess RO S400 HR Membrane

  • Model Name/Number RO S400 HF
    Brand Lanxess
    Membrane Material Polyamide
    Active Area 37.2 m2
    Min Salt Rejection 99.5 %
    Out Put Of Water 27.3 m3/d
    Size Inch 40 x 7.9 x 1.125
  • Lewabrane® RO S400 HR elements are spiral-wound, composite polyamide membrane elements designed for the desalination of seawater. The S400 HR membrane is characterized by an extremely durable, highly cross-linked polymeric separating layer suitable for high salinity, high-pressure applications. The Lewabrane® RO S400 HR membrane element is recommended for single-pass applications where stable salt rejection performance during the expected operating lifetime is an important consideration.

  • Element is tested under the following conditions: applied pressure 55.2 bar (800 psi), NaCl concentration 32,000 mg/l (or when tested on a mixed solution of 32,000 mg/l NaCl and 5 mg/l Boron), operating temperature 25 °C (77 °F), pH 8 and recovery rate 8 %.

  • Additional Information:

    • Treat RO Elements with care; do not drop the element.
    • Each RO Element is wet tested, preserved in a 1% weight sodium bisulfite solution, and vacuum packed in oxygen barrier bags.
    • During storage, avoid freezing and direct sunlight. The temperature should be below 35 °C (95 °F).

    After Installation:

    • Keep the RO Elements wet, and use a compatible preservative for storage duration longer than 7 days.
    • During the inital start up, discharge the first permeate to drain for 30 min.
    • Permeate back pressure should not exceed feed pressure at any time.
    • The RO Elements shall be maintained in a clean condition, unfouled by particulate matter or precipitates or biological growth.
    • Consider cleaning, if the pressure drop increases by 20% or water permeability decreases by 10%.
    • Use only chemicals which are compatible with the membrane.
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