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  • Lanxess B400 HF RO Membrane

  • Model Name/Number B400 FR ASD
    Brand Lanxess
    Membrane Material Polyamide
    Size 40 x 7.9 x 1.125 inches
    Active Area 37.2 m2
    Operating Pressure 41 bar
    Maximum Operating Temperature 45 C
    Min Salt Rejection 99.7 %
    Out Put Of Water 41.5 m3/d
  • The Lewabrane ® Reverse Osmosis Lanxess B400 HF membrane are spiral wound, composite polyamide membrane elements designed for industrial water treatment applications, such as the treatment of brackish and low salinity waters for primary demineralization in boiler water and process water applications.

  • Element is tested under the following conditions: applied pressure 55.2 bar (800 psi), NaCl concentration 32,000 mg/l (or when tested on a mixed solution of 32,000 mg/l NaCl and 5 mg/l Boron), operating temperature 25 °C (77 °F), pH 8 and recovery rate 8 %.

  • Additional Information:

    • Treat RO Elements with care; do not drop the element.
    • Each RO Element is wet tested, preserved in a 1% weight sodium bisulfite solution, and vacuum packed in oxygen barrier bags.
    • During storage, avoid freezing and direct sunlight. The temperature should be below 35 °C (95 °F).

    After Installation:

    • Keep the RO Elements wet, and use a compatible preservative for storage duration longer than 7 days.
    • During the inital start up, discharge the first permeate to drain for 30 min.
    • Permeate back pressure should not exceed feed pressure at any time.
    • The RO Elements shall be maintained in a clean condition, unfouled by particulate matter or precipitates or biological growth.
    • Consider cleaning, if the pressure drop increases by 20% or water permeability decreases by 10%.
    • Use only chemicals which are compatible with the membrane.
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