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  • UltraTec Eco Laundry Washing System

  • UltraTec Professional Eco Laundry Washing System - Newest Generation II and the Most Powerful on the market.
    UltraTec ECO Laundry Generation II is designed to work with your washing machine, adopts magnetizing principle to treat the tap water firstly, then mixed active oxygen and silver ions into the magnetized water used for laundry. The processed water can wash clothes cleanly.

    UltraTec ECO Laundry Generation II has the main functions as below:
    1. Soft the water
    2. Sterilization and disinfection
    3. Decontamination and purification
    4. Energy conservation and environmental protection
    5. No pollution
    6. The operation of ECO Laundry Generation II is easy and convenient. As long as you install ECO Laundry Generation II properly, you simply need to operate your washing machine following manufacturer's operation instructions. ECO Laundry Generation II will start working automatically when the washing machine starts to work, and it will automatically turn off when the washing machine stops operation.



    Input: AC 100-240V/50-60Hz
    Output: DC 12V 3A 36W

    Ozone Concentration

    0.8 ~ 1.0 mg /L

    Water Pressure

    Minimum:15 psi Maximum:75psi

    Operating Temperature


    Product dimension


    Net Weight

    3.55 Kgs

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