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  • CSM RE4040-SHA RO Membrane

  • RE 4040-SHF reverse osmosis membrane has high productivity, as compared with analogs, which is achieved by increasing the filtration area. Also, the membrane Saehan RE 4040-SHF is highly resistant to pollution, exposure to chemical environments, and modified for various needs. Due to the large range of CSM membranes, you can configure the filter to filter slightly saline, seawater, retaining its properties after chemical recovery.

  • Principles of operation of a thin-film membrane:

    The membrane is based on a thin-film polyamide material that has microscopic pores in its structure. Wrapped in a roll, the material is a water filter, but it only passes water molecules, since the pore size is close to a thousandth of a micron (0.0001 micron). Only water molecules and some low molecular weight gases can leak through these pores. However, water cannot independently seep through the membrane; therefore, pumps are used that push water through the roll structure of the membrane.
    Water moves from the outside to the inside of the roll. Inside the RE 4040-SHF membrane there is a tube through which purified water (permeate) exits, and the filtered residue leaves through the membrane layers in the form of a concentrate, which is subsequently removed to the sewer.

    The advantage of the reverse osmosis membrane CSM RE 4040-SHF:

    • High performance and selectivity;
    • Modernization for certain water characteristics;
    • Resistant to bio-contamination and a wide range of pH;
    • Economical to use;
    • Works well even with low pressure.

    CSM RE 4040-SHF membrane filtration results in complete removal of:

    • Metal impurities;
    • Chemical compounds in water;
    • Viruses and bacteria;
    • Microscopic mechanical suspensions;
    • Salt hardness and other contaminants.


    • Productivity - 1900 GPD, 7200 l / day;
    • Selectivity - 99.70%;
    • The area of ​​the filtering surface is 7.0 square meters. m;
    • Dimensions - 1016x102 mm;
    • Standard - 4 ".
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