• Industrial Ultra Water Filtration Plant

  • The Ultrafiltration (UF) units from UltraTec make use of extremely effective membranes to do away with less useful processes and significantly enhance the water quality during the pretreatment phase. High molecular weight compounds, endotoxins, and germs are among the suspended solids that UltraTec's UF units eliminate. The ultrafiltration units are much less prone to fouling and require less maintenance because they can withstand chlorine and are automatically backwashed on a regular basis. Moreover, ultrafiltration conserves more water and requires less energy. UltraTec UF units reduce your plant's energy, operating, and maintenance expenses while keeping sustainability in mind.

    Powerful and Efficient UF Membranes Plants


    • Available individually or as part of a total water treatment solution
    • Designed for bacteria, virus, and endotoxin removal
    • Modular system design for ease of expansion
    • Lower maintenance costs when compared to reverse osmosis systems
    • Customizable to customer specifications for valves, instruments and other mechanical components.
    • Optional complete validation package with IQ/OQ protocol execution.
    • Supported by Toll Free 0800-ULTRA & Hot Line: +971-50-849-5110 24-hour customer service
    • Backed by warranty
    Equipment Details

    • Premium valves and instruments
    • Minimum deadlegs
    • 304 Stainless Steel Skid
    • Polypropylene or stainless steel air lines
    • Stainless steel hardware

  • Standard Features
    • Unit is completely piped, wired, and assembled on skid(s) at the factory
      • Reduces installation costs and startup time
    • Automatic backwash
    • Designed for up to 97% feedwater recovery
    • Conservative flux rates
    • Chlorine tolerant membranes
      • Reduces biogrowth
    • Chemically cleaned via CIP (Clean-In-Place)
    • PLC based controls

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