Self Cleaning Filter

Designed to handle large flows, higher pressures & heavy dirt loads
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Self Cleaning Filter

Dirt collected is ejected out automatically with little fluid. Shell of the filter is fabricated & is designed to handle working pressure of filter.

When water runs through the water inlet into the filter cartridge, the impurities were intercepted on the inner wall of the filter cartridge, and the clean water flows out of the outlet. As the impurities in the inner surface of the filter tube piles up, the differential pressure between the inlet and outlet runs up to the pre-set value, the self-cleaning process will begin. The self-cleaning process can also begin when it reaches the washing time or manual prefabrication. And it includes two steps: Open the automatic drain valve on the filter;The cleaning brush inside the filter mesh is drove by the motor, and the impurities stopped by the filter mesh will be discharged from the drain valve. When cleaning, the system does not cut off; the whole operation process of the filter is controlled by an intelligent control box which is equipped with the filter. Control mode consists of differential pressure, time, manual and PLC control.

Features :

    Self-cleaning filter designed to handle large flows, higher pressures & heavy dirt loads. It cleans itself automatically either by sensing pressure drop across the filter, or by timer, whichever occurs earlier.

    industrial ro water filter plant system  in UAE

    Filtration up to 80 micron. No Consumables.

    Ease of maintenance.

    Inlet / Outlet port positions can be changed.

    Can be customized to suit your requirement.

    Totally automatic operation using differential pressure.

    Standard sized modules are mentioned in attached PDF catalogue.

    Filtration capacity: 50 l/min to 10,000 l/min. Modules are used in parallel for higher flows.


Safeguards the health and safety of your operators – our industrial filters are totally enclosed, which means no fumes and limited operator exposure to liquid.


Increases your production rates - With our unique self-cleaning design, there are no stoppages to change filter elements, and no slowing of throughput as filter elements block.


Improves your product quality - Our self-cleaning filters are totally enclosed so no product contamination is possible.

Reduces your costs

There are no continual costs of replacing filter media and no disposal costs. You will also see a reduction in wasted liquid product, labor costs and downtime.

Self Cleaning Filter

The production of Automatic Self Cleaning Filter

The filter housing can be designed to handle required working pressure. Filter presently developed has 8 candles, 1000 mm long X 100 mm diameter. It is designed for flow of 8000 LPM (480 m3/hr) of water based emulsion for filtration level of 100 microns. It is going to work as Roll Coolant Filter for a steel cold rolling mill.

Application field:

Industrial filtration applications: cooling water filtration, protection nozzles, tertiary sewage treatment, municipal water reuse, workshop water, RO system pre-filtration, pickling, paper making white water filtration, injection molding machines, pasteurization systems, vacuum pump systems, air pressure Machine system, continuous casting system, water treatment application, cooling and heating water system,Irrigation filtration applications: groundwater, municipal water, rivers, lakes, sea water, orchards, nurseries, greenhouses, golf courses, parks

When water enters the filter cartridge from the bottom inlet, the impurities will be intercepted on the inner wall of the filter cartridge, and after filtration, the clean water flows out from the outlet. When the impurities are becoming more and more, and the pressure difference between the filter inlet and outlet reaches the default value, or the cleaning time is arrived or controlled by manual, the filter will start self-cleaning.

Straight-through self-cleaning filter is a precision equipment that could directly intercept impurities in the water, remove suspended solids and particles in the water, reduce turbidity, purify water quality, reduce system dirt, bacteria, algae, rust, etc through a screen to protect equipment operation normally.

  • Two Steps: Excellent purification of water from various elements, hardness and contaminants,
  • Self Cleaning FiltersHigh efficient with automatic self cleaning filters that removes sediments and suspended particulates from water,
  • 100% AccuracySelf Cleaning Filters are also used in Electricity, reverse osmosis pre treatment, petrochemical, fine chemicals, food and beverage, automotive industry, metallurgy, paper making, Medicine, microelectronics, environmental protection, water treatment and other industries.

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