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  • Domestic Drinking Water Ultra Pure Magnetic Alkaline Advance RO UF+Alkaline+NanofilterWater Purifier

  • Features:


    • 100% Natural water Guaranteed
    • Add Minerals
    • PH Enhancer
    • Reduce ORP
    • Remove Free Radicals
    • Decrease NMR
    • Remove Bacteria-Virus
  • Description

    High quality 100 GPD Booster Pump , TFC 1812-80 GPD Imported Membrane , UF Filter, & Mineral Alkaline technology in side. ABS Food Grade Plastic Cabinet. This system is designed to work from 100 to 2000 tds(Total Dissolved Solids) The most advanced home water systems in the world. Our price for reverse osmosis drinking water filters is amongst the best. Why pay more? Buy from the source and save money!!! . Functions of Filters Micron sediment Filter: Its micron rating is 5. This system will disinfect filter water at normal flow rate, providing one of the safest filtering systems available. Bacteria Viruses and other micro-organisms are destroyed by interfering with DNA and RNA in the organism’s reproductive cycles. It cause immediate death for organisms and wipe out their ability to survive and reproduce, Along with the alkaline technology the PH level of the water is balanced, Flushes acidic metabolites and toxins from the cellular level, make water taste better available at UltraTec Water Treatment LLC UAE

  • Purification Method RO + UF + MINERAL + TDS Controller
    Work Up to 2000 TDS Borwell and corporation water
    Filtration Level 90% to 95% TDS Removes
    RO Membrane 1812-75  GPD TFC Membrane Made In USA
    Auto Shut Off Fully Automatic water level sensor Auto-start/Auto-Off
    Total Capacity Of Storage 15 Liter
    Tank Food Grade With Water Level Indicator.
    Filters Pre-Filter, Anti Scalan Iron Remover Ball, Sediment, Pre-Carbon, UF, UV, RO membrane
    Booster Pump  100 GPD
    Type Of Purifier Electrical
    Power Consumption 230V AC to 24 V DC 2.5 AMP
    Production / H 12-15 LPH
    Preferred Installation Wall mount / Counter top
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