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  • Comprehensive Water Analysis in UAE

    If you are noticing anything odd about the appearance, smell or taste of your water, it could be a sign of a larger issue. The professionals at UltraTec Water Treatment perform a comprehensive analysis of the water of our residential, commercial and industrial clients throughout the UAE area. These tests are easy, effective and can be performed right in your home or business. No matter what problem we identify, our professionals are equipped to offer the right solution that will make your water safe.


    Common Water Symptoms



    Hard water

    Hard water: 
    This is water with an excess mineral content, which often produces spots stains on water fixtures, dishes, sinks and showers. It can be hard on your skin, makes cleaning more difficult and your appliances less efficient.


    Chlorine and chloramines

    Chlorine and chloramines: 
    Water that smells like a public swimming pool is a sign of excess chlorine. This can cause skin irritation and dry eyes, while impacting the taste of your drinking water and food.




    Iron: A metallic taste or a red colour is a sign of too much iron in your water. This will cause stains and discolouration in your appliances, and clog your pipes and faucets which will contribute to costly future repairs.




    MaganeseExcessive manganese is similar to iron, causing a brackish discolouration to your water which creates stains and black discolouration in your appliances.


    Hydrogen sulfide


    Hydrogen sulfide: Easily identifiable due to the smell of rotten eggs, it can lead to the corrosion of all the metals in your plumbing systems, and can negatively change the taste and look of your water and food.


    Sediment and cloudy water



    Sediment and cloudy water: Especially common with well water, the

    discolouration is caused by dirt and sand that has seeped into your pipes. This will wear down and corrode your pipes and faucets, dramatically decreasing their lifespan.


     Low pH


    Low pH: Bluish-green stains in your water fixtures are a sign of low pH balance and overly acidic water. If you have copper tanks and piping, low pH water will eat away at the metal, leaving corroded holes behind.




    Arsenic: While odourless and tasteless, arsenic is incredibly dangerous and can cause serious health problems. Well water and water systems in industrial and agriculture areas are especially susceptible, and should be tested on a regular basis.




    Lead: While it rarely occurs naturally, lead is very dangerous and there is no safe level of exposure. Excessive amounts of lead are often due to the corrosion of older pipes made from the material.




    Nitrates: Occurring in rural communities with a high level of agricultural development, nitrates are odourless and colourless, but can still pose a health risk for both humans and animals.




    Microbes: Organic matter such as algae, mould and other bacteria that has worked its way into your water system can make it taste earthy and produce a musty smell. Private well systems are much more susceptible to contamination, and should be regularly tested.




    Pharmaceuticals: While regulations require testing for a variety of water contaminants, pharmaceutical contamination is often overlooked. Our filters and systems are effective against these molecular compounds.

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