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  • Alkaline Water Dispenser

  • Description&Features:
    Special design water purifier direct connection no need for dispenser tank. No waste Water No Drain
    Built in storage with float control fully automatic synchronized with Water filtration unit.
    This hot and cold water dispenser is a must for every home/office the high quality filtered –purified- alkaline water at the touch of a push button.
    No room to store five-gallon containers?

  • Consider taking your business bottle-free.
    Water purification by ULTRA TEC allows you to go bottle-free.
    You and your employees can enjoy unlimited, high quality drinking water at a touch of a button.
    • Better tasting, high quality water
    • Hot and cold water for drinking or making coffee, tea, soups, and other beverages
    • Saves money on buying bottled water
    • Storage Space

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